Premier Internet Services

We provides enterprise level colocation solutions with multiple 10Gbps providers. Empowered by enterprise grade switches, KVMs, and power controls, we provide customers with premium bandwidth and finest customer experience through our multi-homed BGP networks.

All colocation servers are directly connected to enterprise switches with dedicated ports, and each server is controlled by the latest Enterprise KVMs with Vitual Media support. There is absolutely no compromise in deploying enterprise products for SolidTools and its customers.

Available Services

Package Space Bandwidth1 IP2 Price
Green Colo 1 Amps Server (1U) Dedicated 100Mbps 8 $129.00 Buy
Blue Colo 1 Amps Server (1U) Dedicated 1Gbps 8 $279.00 Buy
Full Cabinet 42U + 15Amps No Bandwidth 0 $599.00 Buy
Dedicated 1Gbps Premium HE Bandwidth No 1Gbps Premium HE 0 $699.00 Buy
Dedicated 1Gbps Premium NTT Bandwidth No 1Gbps Premium NTT 0 $799.00 Buy
Full Cab Colo HE 42U + 15Amps Dedicated 1Gbps 32 $899.00 Buy
Full Cab Colo NTT 42U + 15Amps Dedicated 1Gbps 32 $999.00 Buy
Dedicated 10Gbps Premium NTT Bandwidth No 10Gbps Premium NTT 0 $4,999.00 Buy
1Connections are on Dedicated Ports (100M, 1G, 10G, or binded multiple 10G), Fully Burstable.
2New IPs are available in 8-IP block (5 usable, ARIN rules apply)
***Please allow 24 hours for your order to be processed.