Ethernet 40Gbps CloudVPS

We provides industry true 40Gbps cloud based Virtual Private Server (VPS) on Open Cloud Platform. The internal and external connections are all multiple 10Gbps and 40Gbps Ethernet connections. The cloud draws computing power from each clustered multiple-socket (80 CPU cores or 64 CPU cores) servers (nodes).

Each Virtual Private Server (VPS) running on top of the cloud is many times faster than traditional multi-core dedicated servers. CloudVPS is fault-tolerance and very close to 100% uptime.

  1. What guest operating system does your cloud support?
    All versions of Linux OS, all versions Windows OS, and pretty much any OS you can name.
  2. What type of connection to storage server is your cloud using?
    Multi-path 40Gbps Ethernet based iSCSI, the first in the industry. Each cloud node server comes with 2x 40Gbps ports connecting to the cloud.
  3. Is it dedicated or shared memory in my CloudVPS?
    All our CloudVPS come with dedicated memory.
  4. How long do you have my CloudVPS ready after I pay?
    With most regular guest OS, the CloudVPS will be ready automatically in less than 30 minutes.
  5. Did you buy the cloud application system from a third party?
    No, we developed our cloud system in house.
  6. Do you offer the cloud system license for sale to end users?
    Yes, we will install it for you with a monthly fee. Please contact our sales for more details.

Available Services

CloudVPS Core Memory Space1 Bandwidth IP3 Price
Super Green CloudVPS 1 1GB 15GB + 15GB 100M Unlimited 1 $29.00 Buy
Super Blue CloudVPS 1 1.5GB 15GB + 15GB 100M Unlimited 1 $35.00 Buy
Super Black CloudVPS 1 2GB 15GB + 15GB 100M Unlimited 1 $45.00 Buy
1VPS space is on cloud storage servers configured with massive raid arrays.
2Multiple 10000M (10Gbps) Dedicated Port on each cloud node.
3Each CloudVPS comes with 1 IP, addtional IPs must be in 8-IP block (5 usable, ARIN rules apply)
***Please allow 12 hours for your VPS to be processed for certain guest OS and customized system settings.